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Default High carb days VS low carb days...cycling...

I am a little confused about the cycling concept.

Should I have high carb days when I am lifting or high carb days on cardio days or should I even be doing this at all yet? Will it benefit me at all?
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The Chief
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A very basic nutrient timing strategy would be to focus most of your carbs close to your weight training workouts. On a short term (daily) level, that would basically mean consuming most carbs in the meal (or two) before the workout, and the meal (or two) after the workout. All other meals would have low carbs or fibrous carbs (veggies) instead.

Expanding the timeframe to more than a day and you can extend the concept. In otherwords, weight training days would have higher carbs than non-training days.

When dieting, the first goal is to make sure you are in a caloric deficit, as calories in vs. calories out makes the most difference. Beyond that, carb cycling is a way of further optimizing the timing of nutrients based on when your body needs them, and can also help fight "dieting signals" a bit by keeping the body guessing. Etc.

I'll post some more later when I get time.
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Very good post FP. I use these basic principals and like the results.
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